Volvo P1800 – There’s a Wagon!?

The Wagon

This is a Volvo no-brainer.  You have a cool car like the P1800 sports coupe — Volvo’s first foray into true sports car Production.  While the P1800 didn’t receive praise for it’s performance, it did deliver on the Volvo pillars of safety, reliability and comfort.  So losing out to Jags and Astons on the track, Volvo went the other route and targeted a different market — Sports cars enthusiasts with dogs and kids.  Enter the P1800 ES:


1972 1800 ES

1973 Volvo P1800 ES: The Coolest Station Wagon Ever

Things I love about its design

  • The mix of crazy hard edges with sweeping curves comes together in a Buck Rogers wet dream
  • That big, beautiful hatch..
  • The super hard line coming forward from the tail lights up to the chrome trim at the front
  • The overlapping upper and lower chrome trim pieces.  Two chrome trims!
  • The aggressive, raised headlights trailing back into an “inlet” shape on the doors
  • The split bumpers with the recess in the middle

This one from Classical Gas has been customized a bit — love the side exhaust.

Borrowed Design

It’s nice to see some of that original style borrowed in today’s Volvo C30 without an overblown marketing campaign about “heritage” and “pedigree”.  The hatch obviously is the focal point of the C30, but the raised haunches from the 1800 can be seen here as well.

3 responses to “Volvo P1800 – There’s a Wagon!?

  • ancientworthy

    I owned a Volvo 1800ES Wagon in 1975; blue-geen metallic colour, 4-speed with overdrive transmission. Loved the looks and comfort level but it was NOT reliable. That 2+2 back seat, I actually asked people to sit in it, and they didn’t like it much. Still have a sales brochure for the car, some photos I took of it, and some memories…

  • Doctordel

    Some amazing design cues that just work. Every angle reveals a shape or intersecting surfaces that work together as a whole, although you wouldn’t necessarily think so. I lusted over this car when I was a teenager in the eighties.

  • QUentin HEnderson

    Hitch hiking north of Bath Me. yesterday afternoon October 13 th/12 was a joy to observe a Volvo P 1800 es speeding southbound down highway 1. ;—)

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